Ultrasonic Electric Tooth Cleaner | Teeth Stain Removal Dental Care

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  • Ultrasonic high-speed vibrations help to remove plaque & dental build-up
  • Two different heads to help keep your teeth clean & white
  • LED light helps you to see every angle inside your mouth
  • Bring back your confidence with a cleaner, whiter smile
  • Use daily to remove plaque, tartar, dental calculus & stuck food

Ultrasonic Electric Tooth Cleaner | Teeth Stain Removal Dental Care Description

We should all be starting and ending our days by brushing and flossing our teeth to help prevent cavities and to keep our breath fresh. If you want to go the extra mile to help keep your teeth healthy and reduce the amount of visits to the dentist, turn to this Ultrasonic Electric Tooth Cleaner. With two different heads to help you keep your teeth clean and healthy, this plaque remover pic is an easy and convenient addition to your tooth brushing routine. 

To use, simply insert an AAA battery and you’re ready to go! Use the silicone floss head to get in between your teeth to remove bits of food and any build up that can cause bad breath and tooth decay. For tooth stain removal and for getting rid of plaque or tartar build-up, select the metal pic to really get it there. The gentle vibrations of this electric pic helps to break up and encourage tough stains and tartar to release from your teeth, making it easy to brush away. Improve or level up your dental routine to bring back your confidence with a bright, white smile.

Taking good care of your teeth, not only improves the health of them, keeping the protective enamel intact and reducing the risk of cavities, it can also minimise the risk of other complications such as gum disease and tooth loss. It’s therefore important to take care of your gnashers - you only have one set after all! So pick up this dental care tool and get ready to say “Cheese!”.

Manufacturer's Description:

Electric Sonic Pic Tooth Stain Eraser Plaque Remover Teeth Whitening Dental Cleaning Tool Features: This Electric Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser with two cleaning tips is used for erasing Stain and plaque on teeth, Daily used to keep your teeth cleaning and whitening. Up to 30,000 times per minute Sonic cleaning enables to erase cleaning or food insulation on the teeth effectively. The LED light helps to illuminate The whole oral cavity and enabling you to clean your teeth precisely. Gentle vibration helps clean teeth at ease, Specially great for family use to protect gum and teeth. Two different types of grinding tips for different teeth cleaning requirement.



Type: Tooth Stain Eraser

Color: White + Grey

Battery: 1 * AAA battery (not included)

Net weight:About 55 g

Note: 1 * AAA battery is not included.

Detailed Product Information

MaterialStainless steel, Silicone
ColourWhite, Grey
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