PS1 9mm Paver Supports with Shims

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Paver Supports & Adjustment Shims

Quantum's Paver Support System has been developed as a high load, simple solution for dry laying all types of paving flags to instantly create a perfectly spaced and supported patio, roof deck or balcony on any firm based level surface. The system is ideal for the raising of paving slabs off a roof or balcony surface to enable effective drainage between and beneath.

Already in widespread use in commercial applications, this clever and flexible support system for all types of dry laid pavers and flags is absolutely ideal for DIY and home users also. It provides an effective and simple method of laying, spacing and adjusting levels.  Quantum's base supports, combined with their unique adjustment rings which can be used complete to change overall heights, or which can be cut into quarters, halves or three quarter segments for adjusting individual edges, provide a quick, easy to use and economical solution.

Each paver support comes supplied with one adjustment shim ring as standard. Additional supplies of adjustment shims can be purchased and supplied separately if required. Please call or email us to request these.

The four ribs on the upper side of the supports ensure the uniform alignment and spacing of the paving slabs.  The 9mm thick hard rubber standard supports can be easily segmented into halves or quarters for use at edge joints and corners.

Quantum Adjustment Spacer Shims are 2mm thick and are designed to fit over the spacer bars on the support feet. These can be used whole, in halves or in quarters, as required, to adjust for minor level changes to ensure a solid feel and to prevent any rocking of the slabs. For larger adjustments up to 6mm the spacers can be stacked. Where even larger level adjustments are required we suggest first raising the entire mounting foot by placing one or more of our Rubber Support Pads underneath. The rubber pads are also ideal for added protection where slabs are laid on top of a waterproofing membrane.

The slabs can easily be lifted or re-positioned if ever required in the future.

Paver Support Spacer System

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