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Let these Karmic Bowls serve as a constant reminder for you to eat consciously. 

Nourishing your body mindfully allows you to honour the food you eat and thus honour yourself. It has the power to change the way you relate to food, to your body, to the earth and even your life.

Our beautiful Karmic bowls have the ability to guide and inspire you to eat a more wholesome healthy diet made and served in the lap of nature.

These coconut shell bowls are hand made from real coconuts reclaimed after being discarded as waste. Each coconut is cleaned and finished with an organic coconut oil polish. Absolutely nothing artificial is used during the process from coconut to coconut bowl.

Each bowl is unique just like you.


  • Diameter average 12cm - 14cm (Average 13cm)
  • Depth 6 cm - 7 cm (Average 6 cm)
  • Volume 500ml - 700ml (Average 600ml)

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