Different Pulses Asaf Avidan (Artist) Audio CD

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Different Pulses Asaf Avidan (Artist) Audio CD Description


n 15 November 2012
Format: Audio CD
Hmm...I must admit that I'm surprised a little bit.This album was supposed to be available in Europe in 2013.The record was put out in Israel in September.I bought it in October via Israeli Internet music shop 'cause I just couldn't wait that long.
This is totally new Asaf Avidan than we (lucky minority) knew from the previous 3 fantastic records with the Mojos.We have a different sounds&rhythms here.No traditional blues, folk or hard rock tunes.What we got is a new music quality, a mix of modern programming percussion&drum rhythms,keyboards and acoustic instruments like bass clarinet,trumpet,trombone and guitar.All this plus incredible, fresh, distinctive, catchy Asaf voice and great, deep lyrics will put you in a hypnotic state of mind.
You won't mistake this guy with anybody else. It's really a fantastic feeling when you are listen to the record where everything is in the right order.The melodies are so soulful and every detail of arrangement meaningful as well.But this is not a collection of songs that are written to make you feel good and relaxed.That's why there are no potential hit songs on this album, with three exceptions - "Different Pulses" , "Love it or leave it" and "613". But all songs will rock something inside of you 'cause they are simply magnificent and timeless.
Asaf Avidan shows with this album that he is not afraid to take a risk and discover a new musical areas.And the result is as we can hear: Different Pulses; a masterpiece,an instant classic and without the shadow of the doubt, the best album of the year 2012 or ... 2013? Who knows, maybe both.


  • Genre: International Music

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