Why Dropshyp?

Dropshyp is an eCommerce platform that connects suppliers and sellers to buyers, retailers, dropshippers, and affiliates. In comparison to the competitors, Dropshyp charges a very low commission rate of 5% at the time of withdrawal. As a seller, you can easily sell your product collection through us and increase your visibility to potential millions of buyers.

How to register as a seller?

To register as a seller, please click here and input your business details. If you need any assistance with the registration, please visit our Help & Knowledge Base.

How to add products? How to add products in bulk (.CSV) file?

After you have registered as a seller and verified the email address, click on “Products” on left sidebar. For reference, watch our explanatory video in English by clicking here and in Chinese by clicking here.

How long is the money held? How does the Escrow work?

When the buyer pays for an order, the funds are held for 30 days within our Escrow system. If the item is delivered before 30 days and buyer confirms the order received, the funds are reflected in the seller’s portal under “Balance”.

How can seller withdraw money?

Sellers can withdraw money earned from sales to their bank account directly in their local currency. The currency will automatically convert from USD to local currency as per latest exchange rate.

What does Dropshyp charge the seller? How much is the commission?

Dropshyp charges a minimal 5% commission on sales amount deducted at the time of withdrawal.

What if I am a wholesaler?

Dropshyp launched to support SMEs and local businesses as well as wholesalers and brands. We are both B2B and B2C platform. If you are a wholesaler, you can easily add your product collection and mention MOQ and rates in the product description. When the buyer sends an inquiry, you can add a special rate with MOQ for the customer and ask them to start an order.

What if I do not sell in USD?

Dropshyp supports more than 30 currencies. As a seller, you should have all product prices in USD. The buyers would be able to convert the price into their local currency for reference.

How are the logistics?

At Dropshyp, the sellers are responsible for their own logistics. We do not have warehouses yet in all countries. The seller should add shipping rates accordingly per product. We recommend to offer free shipping to incentivize more customers to purchase your product.

How much do I charge customers for the shipping?

As the seller is responsible for their own logistics, we recommend that the seller should input the highest shipping rate per product to any country. For example, if shipping rate to USA is 5$ and UK is 8$, we recommend that the seller should input the highest shipping rate (in this case 8$).

How can I get support?

If you have an existing account you can submit a support request via ticket in your dashboard for any product disputes you may have or anything else. Alternatively you can e-mail us directly to [email protected] and include as much information as possible as well as providing your account username, transaction ID's or anything else. 

You are also free to visit our Help & Knowledge Base by clicking here where you can find answers to most questions.

If you would like to report a bug please use this form to do so.